Goodbye Italy, I feel like I have won

How fast and how slowly time passes. It seems that it was yesterday when I arrived in Italy with the illusion that this will be an important step in my personal life. Exiting my comfort zone, without a safety net, and discovering what there is far from my city. But at the same time, I feel that these months have gone slowly. I have observed, learned and reflected. Sometimes I have not found my place, the place where one feels good. However, Mike, my partner in this adventure, has made it possible to find a home here. He has given me that hug and that smile so necessary when you are in a country that is not yours. Being without your people is costly. That's why I needed to fly to my San Sebastian every so often to recharge energy with them. To feel that this comfort zone is still there.

I have learned to be alone, even to enjoy it. I connected with my innermost self and found peace. It's curious how your mind adapts to a new environment and seeks support. Finding a way to be comfortable. It seems fundamental to dedicate ourselves some time since we have forgotten so much with the vertiginous rhythm imposed on us by life. Love your self-devotion time.

I have discovered a country that far from pasta, pizza and gelato, it lives in a chaos difficult to understand. Moreover, there are certain things that I still do not understand. For example, the town's train station is twenty minutes from the town. Yes, it does not make sense. Choose not to try to understand them. You have to accept them. In Italy, it is not practical. Life is more fun for them when it is more complicated. At least, I have that feeling about their way of life. They are passionate and always expressive. In Spain, we are similar but they beat us in this category.

Driving is another level. The summary would be: Run, but be careful. You need at least five eyes and a fearless mentality in that jungle they claim is a "highway." Driving through Spain seems to me now like I am doing yoga. Other level.

I never thought I would live less than one hour from Rome. The city that has always amazed me now has a more special meaning. The calm of walking through its streets, not as a tourist, has allowed me to enjoy it more. Its monuments are now more impressive to me. Its light is special, warm. And its history made me fall in love. Do you know that you are among my special cities? Roma siempre será Amor.

Italy, this is a see you later. Not a goodbye.

You've got me crazy sometimes and you've made me want to go back to my city. But you have made me prove to myself that the world welcomes you. You have shown me that the home can be created wherever we go. You have been a great experience. You have been a nice people to come across. You have provided months that I will always remember. You have made me grow as a person. And although you have put me to the test, I feel that I have won.

I'm saying to Italy but I'm telling you too, Mike. We are leaving stronger. Much more. Italy will always be that step. They say that the path is made by walking. Shall we keep walking around the world?


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